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Steve Green

Over the last decade, Steve has focused on exploring digital craftsmanship and innovative disruption. He has spent time with organizations of various sizes, in numerous industries, maximizing business value by employing the artistry of technology. Throughout his career, Steve has accepted a variety of leadership roles, each focused on multiple aspects of application architecture and digital transformation. This experience has provided him with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of constant innovation.

Currently, Steve serves as the CEO and President of Blue Rivet, an interactive digital agency headquartered in Kansas City. With its roots in business analysis and marketing technologies, Blue Rivet has a passion for helping clients fill gaps within complex digital ecosystems. Steve leads team members across a multitude of disciplines including software architecture, data science, business intelligence, interactive engineering, development operations, creative design, application development, and quality control practices. Whether engaged for their specialized talents or combined to meet complex project needs, his team excels at delivering exceptional service around evolving digital landscapes.


Crafting Innovation