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Nicholas Tuck

Nicholas Tuck is an all purpose software gardener with a broad range of experience from small business sites to startups to enterprise level web services. Nick believes there are right tools for the right job and has spent the last decade experimenting with a lot of them. These experiments are technical, like languages, libraries and architectures, as well as processes like true continuous integration and ShipIt Days. On top of technological achievements Nick has formed cultures of change, innovation and empowered teams. He's a tech lead at Aviture Inc. and a co-founder of the Agile for Defense meetup in the Omaha area spreading these usable practices to the military industry. Nick's goal is to share his discoveries and experiments of his career and help others excel to their productive abilities by breaking the socially accepted ideas of programming. You can find more ideas from Nick at http://TheSoftwareGardener.com.

-- “Technology innovation isn't about giving people what they want but what they don’t know they need.”


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