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Matt Wigdahl

About Me

I've written software for over 24 years, running laps around both the complete application lifecycle -- requirements analysis and architecture through design and implementation to maintenance and troubleshooting -- as well as the startup lifecycle. My software helped to build ScriptPro from a startup with a prototype and no customers into the market leader in pharmacy automation. I believe in three pillars of software development management excellence: communication, leadership, and execution; and strive to excel in all three areas.

I've written millions of lines of commercial, production C++, C#, and JavaScript on applications ranging all the way from React/Redux single-page apps to user-configurable desktop user interfaces to back-end, low-level code like an ODBC 3.0 application library written using C++14 and Alexandrescu-style policy-based design.

I am also an expert on relational database design, development, and administration. I have over 15 years of experience with database architecture and schema design, hardware analysis and capacity planning, security, Service Broker, advanced query authoring, server administration, performance optimization, and troubleshooting, and have presented at a half-dozen regional conferences on SQL Server development topics.


React/Redux Development -- Where Do I Put the Application Logic?