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Matt Twyman

As one of the three founders of Adaptive Solutions Group, Matt participates in the strategic direction of ASG and specifically manages growth of the Kansas City office. Launched in 2009, he oversees its sales, recruiting, training and operations functions. The firm's success has presented both opportunities and challenges: "The biggest challengeā€¦is to continue to hold true to our founding principles in the midst of continued growth," Matt points out. "As a small company we have excelled at prioritizing people on both the client and candidate level. The care and attention we put into building each relationship has been the core of our success. As we expand we will have to strive more than ever to instill these same principles into our new employees so that we continue to separate ourselves in an intensely competitive field." Involved in technical staffing since 1994, Matt has never seen the IT staffing industry "as active as it is today." With more competition for skilled people, putting people and relationships at the forefront is an important point of difference for ASG with clients and candidates alike. "When the demand pendulum outweighs supply, it can lead to a frantic pace which can adversely impact service levels," he explains, so ASG strives to continue providing top-shelf service by offering unique talent in a tight IT labor pool.


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