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Justin James

I love to code, teach and share my knowledge with you. I have been programming and designing web applications for over 20 years. I am a frequent speaker at conferences, meetups and community events. I regularly post to my blog on web and mobile development at http://digitaldrummerj.me.

In my free time, I help to put on hackathons for developers to code it forward to help Non-Profits with their IT needs as part of the Arizona Give Camp. I also co-organize the Ionic Arizona and Phoenix Version Control meetups.

I live in Maricopa, Arizona and have worked at Intel for almost 20 years. At Intel, I am part of amazing department called Freelance Nation where I get to freelance around the company picking work that intersects with my passions, skills and company needs while passing on the work that doesn't excite me.

If you see me in the hallway, come up and say hi.


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