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Jerome Scheuring

In a professional career spanning thirty-five years, working with systems from Apple II to Amazon Lambda, from microcontrollers to mainframes, Jerome has been a pioneer of technologies across the spectrum. His clients have ranged from small property-management firms to municipal governments, from health insurance companies to major retail firms. He has served as CTO for two Silicon Valley start-up companies, presenting to numerous clients and partners, and at conferences including JavaOne and CONNECTIONS.

Jerome is dedicated to designing and building transformational software systems, discovering and promoting best practices, and facilitating strong, unified project teams. He maintains a keen interest in all facets of software development and technologies, with focal experience in machine learning, natural language processing, graph theory and artificial intelligence.

His published work includes book chapters in Professional Jini and Medical Applications of Artificial Intelligence, as well as two patent applications in the field of context and personalization.

He currently serves as a Distinguished Engineer in the Technology practice at VML, Inc..


Beyond Patterns: Functional Programming and the Nature of Order