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Bill Dinger

I'm a Solutions Architect with VML, focusing on delivering .NET solutions for our clients. Over the last 15 years I've worked in enterprise IT, first in customer service, then in infrastructure, then as a developer, and now as a architect of various technical solutions. During that time I've done everything from troubleshoot dial up connections in rural Nebraska to architect Asp.net cms' to handle 400,000+ concurrent users.

My journey started in the Microsoft infrastructure stack especially Active Directory, SCCM, SQL, & Windows Server with a heavy dose of Powershell, C# and VB.NET and a sprinkling of Dell Server hardware, SANs, ACA security compliance, and datacenter design & rebuild. As part of those roles I have designed, implemented and written processes include a server build process, many asp.net webpages to support help desk tasks, various infrastructure tools to automate builds and setups, and a number of ETL processes for data synchronization between disparate systems.

In recent years I've been working as a developer & architect doing C#/JavaScript development with Sitecore & ASP.NET working with a team of extremely talented, creative, and driven people in the advertising sector, in particular in the prepaid & lottery spaces. I love large scale IT projects and the day to day challenges and inspiration that come with working on a team of focused and talented people who really enjoy the work they do. I'm a firm believer in mentoring developers on all the lessons learned in my career and on the principles of testable, SOLID code.


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