About Us


Jon Mills
Jon Mills, Speaker Whisperer
Jeff Strauss
Jeff Strauss, The New Guy
Boon Lee
Boon Lee, Sponsor Rustler
Lee Brandt
Lee Brandt, Homeless Guy

Why Do We Run KCDC?

We are developers that love to grow community, and we love the midwest. So it only makes sense that we would work to grow a developer community here.

We work day jobs as developers, and spend our evenings herding speakers, wooing sponsors and organizing a fun, informative event. An event that we hope will help developers in the midwest become better developers. We do this because it's fun: stressful, exhausting, nerve-wracking, fun.

Did I mention how much we love doing this?

Contact Info

Venue:301, W. 13th Street, Kansas City, MO 66203

Mail: staff@kcdc.info

Book a room at the Downtown Marriott (next door) at a special rate!

or call Reservations Toll Free: 1-877-303-0104 Reservations Local Phone: 1-877-303-0104